‘Red Metal’ by Peter Faur: A Must-Read Financial Thriller for this Winter

‘Red Metal’ by Peter Faur: A Must-Read Financial Thriller for this Winter

by Silvia Meave*

What would you do as a 130-year-old company’s CEO at finding out that your main stockholders are voracious financial sharks trying to take you to a demanding, fast pace, casino economy where you’re not ready to get in?

Red Metal, the first novel written by Peter Faur, takes the reader to a venturesome story about the wild, wild business of the hedge funds, in such a way that this book is not only an enjoyable thriller novel, but a detailed portrait of the contemporary investors and businessmen.

Peter Faur — currently president of RightPoint Communications Inc., was a journalist, and his experience as a corporate public relations professional in the cooper-mining sector allowed him to write this amazing thriller, the best approach to the ruthless financial world in the last decade.


Faur is an author who perfectly swings between an exciting literary prose full of vivid descriptions of characters, places and situations, and an amazing journalistic accuracy on the financial data which contextualize the plot. The result is an astonishing window to actual scenes staged everyday throughout the business field.

From this moment onwards, we should include Red Metal in the top ten books related to the Wall Street's way of life. Even, it may be a must-read for entrepreneurs and investors, because of the detailed portrayal of the financial game nowadays.

Faur’s fine writing style hooks the reader from the first line to the end. So, you won’t leave the book until you’ve reached the last page.

Peter Faur had a 25 year successful career in St. Louis, and moved to Phoenix in 2002 to head the communications staff of Phelps Dodge Corp., a copper-mining company acquired in 2007 by Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. ♦

* Silvia Meave is an Absintha's author and CEO/Editor-in-Chief for TribuAmericas® Media Contents & Entertainment.
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