‘Deep White Cover’: The Best Debut Thriller for the Season

‘Deep White Cover’: The Best Debut Thriller for the Season

by Silvia Meave*

The intimate challenge of an undercover agent working for thc Bureau of Alcohol. Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) who must deactivate a supremacist, anti-immigrant group at the Southern border of the country is the main plot of  Deep White Cover, a great thriller novel written by Joel W. Barrows.

This book is the inception for a projected crime thriller saga which explores the human side of the underworld that surrounds the law enforcement in America. It can be appointed as the best reading for this summer considering that the story brings up current hot national issues, spiced with timely page-turner action.

Deep White Cover, the Barrow’s debut novel, is based on true events. and it comes about the ongoing national debate about immigration issues aside from other hot topics, like the illegal traffic of drugs, firearms, and even persons.

The scenes and the dialogues In this story are well developed, leading the readers to an impressive suspense ambiance. So, Deep White Cover is a must read for the lovers of thriller novels, but also for news junkies, who will have clues and updates on how law enforcers actually live and work.

The author, Joel W. Barrows, is an Iowa district court judge that knows very well what the law enforcement tasks in America are. So, Barrows depicts splendidly in his book some amazing secrets of the institutional endeavor against crime.

Deep White Cover is truly a pleasant reading that makes readers to become insiders. Barrows' seasoned narration calls up to the emotional standpoint of felons and law enforcers; people who most of the times, in the real, public life, have no name, no face, no background. Getting inside the characters' stories and feelings is one of the more touching values of this electrifying book.

The author also plays with the different points of view about the topics that he brings to the table for public discussion together with the story. In a masterful manner, Joel W. Barrows is not only an entertaining storyteller; he stimulates the readers' minds to wear the others' shoes for a few minutes to live and feel the events beyond the media headlines. ♦

This story was originally published in the ceased Examiner.com

* Silvia Meave is an Absintha's author and CEO/Editor-in-Chief for TribuAmericas Media Contents & Entertainment.
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